‘Ocher studios’ of Sowndarya Rajinikanth is producing Venkat Prabhu’s next film ‘Goa’. After completing ‘Goa’ the production house will be making movies with well established directors like Lingusamy and Gautham Menon. Cine sources say that Aarya might be the lead star of Gautham’s next venture.
The ‘Naan Kadavul’ star is too busy working for three movies concurrently. Aarya fans will be sure enthralled to see his role in ‘Madarasappattinam’

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I studied in SBOA which was a co-ed school. My infatuation started as early as in Class 5. I had a crush on a girl who was in section A while I was in section B.The attraction was mutual and it continued till we got to Class 10. I have always been shy when it comes to expressing my feelings.

We used to write and exchange letters — and please don’t let your imagination run wild — the letters would merely be on the lines of ‘I did this today’, and similar stuff. A common friend of ours helped us exchange letters. Those days we never had any cellphones and landlines didn’t have caller ID, so we devised a special code. If it was one short ring, then it meant she wanted me to call her back urgently. If she gave two rings and cut it, then it meant things were normal. We always knew that we liked each other, but we never expressed it.

Then in Class 11, she went to a different school. After that we were in touch only on the phone. Finally, one day I decided to tell her the truth and I wrote a letter telling her that I liked her.

But she wrote back saying she did not reciprocate the same and that we were only friends. That really hur me and I took it to heart and stopped talking to her. When I met her a few months later and told her about a new girl in my life, she started crying. She then confessed that her cousin advised her to test me and see if my love was real! Now when I look back, it sounds funny but it was a really memorable phase in my life.

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 According to the grapevine, Arya is about to attempt something that heroes of his calibre will not even dare to think about – he is about to act play a villain in a Telugu film. A frontline hero like Arya playing a villain is a rarity. It is a one-of-a-kind experiment which shows how much Arya loves acting. It is this passion for showmanship – which spurs him into accepting roles that would make other heroes feel jittery – that makes him stand out! His recent Naan Kadavul is a good example. Well, that is how a showman should be – always ready to enthrall his viewers with the unthinkable. If not for heroes like Arya, showmanship in Kollywood would be extinct.

The news is that Andhra Pradesh’s famous director Gunasekhar – who made the blockbuster Okkadu (Mahesh Babu), which was later remade into Ghilli with Vijay, breaking several box office records – is making a film with Allu Arjun in the lead. The yet-to-be-titled film requires a handsome and enchanting villain; apparently, this character is as important as the hero of the film.

Gunasekhar, who was moved by Arya’s performance in Nenu Devuduni (Naan Kadavul's Telugu dubbed version), decided that none other than Arya would do justice to this character in his fortchoming movie. Expressing his awe for the young actor’s work in Nenu Devuduni, Gunasekhar has said that he never even envisaged that someone could act so well. The director has reportedly added that Arya is blessed with a natural glint in his eyes, which adds to his performance.

With a mysterious glint in his eyes and an unyielding spark within to enthrall his fans with something new every time, Arya is one of the bravest heroes of Tamil Cinema.



 தமிழில் மட்டுமே நடித்து வந்த ஆர்யா பிற மொழிகளிலும் கவனம் செலுத்த தொடங்கியிருக்கிறார். தற்சமயம் தமிழுடன் தெலுங்கு, மலையாளத்தில் தலா ஒரு படத்தில் நடிக்க கால்ஷீட் கொடுத்துள்ளது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

தெலுங்கில் குணசேகர் அல்லு அர்ஜுனை வைத்து இயக்கும் படத்தில் நெகடிவ் கேரக்ட‌‌ரில் நடிக்க ஆர்யா தனது சம்மதத்தை தெ‌ரிவித்துள்ளார். (இது குறித்து அதிகார‌ப்பூர்வமாக அவர் இன்னும் அறிவிக்கவில்லை). மலையாளத்தில் ரோஷன் ஆண்டரூஸ் இயக்கும் காஸனோவா படத்தில் ஆர்யா நடித்து வருகிறார்.

தமிழில் மதராசப்பட்டினம் படத்தில் நடித்துக் கொண்டே காஸனோவாவிலும் அவ்வப்போது நடிக்கிறார். இந்தப் படத்தில் அவருக்கு பல்கலைக்கழக மாணவர் வேடம்.

தமிழ் நடிகைகள் மலையாளப் படங்களில் நடித்திருந்தாலும் நடிகர்கள் மலையாளப் படங்களில் நடிப்பது குறைவாகவே இருந்து வந்துள்ளது. தமிழில் அதுவும் முன்னணி ஹீரோவாக இருக்கும் ஆர்யா எப்படி நடந்து கொள்வார் என்ற பதற்றம் ரோஷன் ஆண்ட்ரூஸ் உள்பட மொத்த காஸனோவா டீமுக்கும் இருந்தது.

அவர்கள் பயந்ததற்கு மாறாக பந்தா இல்லாமல் அனைவ‌ரிடமும் கலகலப்பாக பழகி ஆச்ச‌ரியத்தை ஏற்படுத்தியிருக்கிறார் ஆர்யா. பந்தா இல்லாத பழக எளிமையானவர் என மலையாளப் படவுலகம் ஆர்யாவை கொண்டாடுகிறது

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 In a sudden turn of events Vishnu Vardhan’s Sarvvam scheduled for release on March 27 is now postponed to April.

The first copy of the film is ready, and it will be censored in a day or two. But due to certain reasons the producers Ayngaran International has decided to postpone the release of the film.

Now it looks like Sarvvam will release in the middle of April. Lingusamy’s Tirupathi Brothers Pattalam is likely to get a solo release on March 27.

Source: http://sify.com/movies/tamil/fullstory.php?id=14854180&cid=14863260


A Visual Treat After youthful entertainers like Arindhum Ariyamalum, Pattiyal and Billa, hot and happening director Vishnuvardhan, talks to What’s Hot about his fifth film,Sarvvam in this exclusive interview...

The industry refers to you as the ‘style guru’ of Kollywood. What is your comment?
(Smiles) I come from the Santosh Sivan-Ram Gopal Varma School of filmmaking. Right from the time when I did a role as a child artiste in Mani sir’s Anjali, I was fascinated by his way of filmmaking. I always try to do my films in a different way, and all credit should go to my team—Nirav Shah, the cameraman, who gives the stylish look to my films, my editor Sreekar Prasad, who makes it racy and precise, Yuvan Shankar Raja, who gives me good peppy music, my wife Anu Vardhan, who selects all the costumes and finally, the stars who act in my films.
Wasn’t Sarvvam supposed to start before Billa?
Yes. I was to start the project before Billa and was supposed to do it with Suriya and Hansika Motwani, but a day before the shoot began, the project was abandoned. I went on to do Billa and after that, Jammy (Arya) expressed a desire to do the film. I agreed as I’m very comfortable with him.
At a time when you could get the dates of any superstar, why do you choose Arya, who has already acted in three of your five films?
Jammy and I go a long way and are good buddies. Our comfort level is terrific and we share a good rapport. He is willing to listen and exactly do what I want him to on screen. He has done an outstanding job in Sarvvam.
    The film is going to be his big
ticket to super-stardom. But, both of us are hoping we don’t work together again in the immediate future (Laughs).
Tell us about Sarvvam’s plot ...

Sarvvam means everything. The film revolves around five characters. It is going to be an intense love story and a thriller. There are five characters in the film—Arya plays an architect, who is full of life and gets involved with Trisha, a young pediatrician; their love story will touch your heart. Track two is about Indrajit and his eight-year-old son Rohan, who is chased by his football coach played by JD Chakravarthy. In addition to these five, there is another crucial character, a fierce Rottweiler, who listens only to his master. The two tracks come together, thanks to an accident, creating a twist in the film.
Your films have a distinct visual tone. What is the look of Sarvvam?
The film is set in two milieu. The first half takes place in a city and has a slick, metro look about it, while the second half shifts to the cool, misty mountains of Munnar. Nirav has given two different looks to the film.
Tell us about Yuvan’s music…
There are five songs in the film and they’re already rocking the charts. We’ve shot them in diverse locations like Chennai, Munnar, New Zealand and Rann of Kutch. Two of my favourite numbers, Neethane and Sutta Suriyana were composed even before we started work on Billa!

Source: http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=TOI&BaseHref=TOICH%2F2009%2F03%2F20&ViewMode=GIF&GZ=T&PageLabel=29&EntityId=Ar02901&AppName=1



Director Vishnu Vardhan is excited. Naturally. A two-year project has come to fruition. ‘Sarvam,’ his fifth creation, is going to hit the screen on March 27. If the promos are any indication, the film with Arya in the lead is different and Vishnu Vardhan cannot wait to see the audience react. Excerpts from an interview:

What is ‘Sarvam’ about?

Well, it can be called a romantic thriller. Actually there are two tracks and they meet at a point. Death is the beginning of another life — I believe in the Upanishad. Everything (‘Sarvam’) changes when a series of incidents overtakes the characters. The five main characters, seemingly unconnected, come across each other and their lives change forever. They are Arya, an architect, Trisha, a doctor, J.D. Chakravarthy, a football coach, Indrajit, and the fifth is the dog Bruce (Rottweiller), which plays an important role.

Was Suriya considered for the role?

Yes. But that didn’t happen. Suriya, who saw the trailer recently, was impressed. We might be working together soon. Then how did Ajith Kumar come into the picture?

Well, at that point of time, ‘Sarvam’ was not underway, and Ajith wondered if we could do a film and suggested ‘Billa’. And happily it was a big hit.

The highlights of ‘Sarvam?’

Not one, but many, including the fact that the film is not fiction but reality. The incidents actually happened to some of my friends and family members. Next is location — one of the songs has been shot at two places, hitherto not seen in Tamil films — The Great Rann of Kutch, the milky white land in Gujarat, and Little Rann of Kutch, the brown cracked land. Ocean, forest and desert — we have shot at all these places. For the climax, set in Dhoni forest, a church, 90 ft tall and made to look like 150 years old, was erected. The Arya-Trisha pair has lifted the film to great heights. Arya has done a fantastic job and Trisha has not lagged behind. Chakravarthy has worked very hard and the performance of Indrajit (brother of Prithviraj) will be remembered for long.

You started as an actor but shifted to direction…

I started as a child star in Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Anjali’ and appeared in ‘Shatriyan.’ I specialised in photography before joining Santosh Sivan as his assistant. Then I directed ‘Kurumbu’ and later came ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum.’

Apart from the actors, to whom will you give the credit for making ‘Sarvam’ a good production?

Technicians, especially the cinematographer Nirav Shah and editor Sreekar Prasad, who made my two-year dream come true. ‘Sarvam’ is for viewers of all types.

Now, the force behind your forays?

Well, it is clichéd but absolutely true in my case — behind every successful man there is a woman. It is my wife Anu Vardhan. She was my classmate in Loyola College and makes most of my decisions. She is the costume designer for all my films. She also works with other banners. She was the designer for ‘Ashoka’ (Hindi).

Fast Five

‘Sarvam’ unit: Cinematographer Nirav Shah, composer Yuvan Shankar Raja, editor Sreekar Prasad, costume designer Anu Vardhan and stunt Thyagarajan.

‘Sarvam’ characters: Arya, Trisha, J.D. Chakravarthy, Indrajit and the dog Rottweiller dog Bruce.

Locations: Chennai, Munnar, Ahmedabad, Goa and Rajasthan.

Director’s order of merit: ‘Sarvam,’ ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum,’ ‘Pattiyal,’ ‘Billa’ and ‘Kurumbu.’

Source: http://www.hindu.com/fr/2009/03/20/stories/2009032050270100.htm


Arya is back with a bang with Naan Kadavul. This young man with no industry connections has made deep inroads into Tamil cinema with just seven films to his credit. Girls are going knock-kneed and don’t blame them for it as this six-footer has an incredible charm that works big time with the fairer sex. Arya in conversation after the release of his most ambitious Bala directed Naan Kadavul.

You were missing at the red carpet premiere of Naan Kadavul. Was it a conscious decision to be away from limelight?
I would have loved to get all the attention, but what to do? My director Vishnuvardhan dragged me along for the song shoot of Sarwam (just kidding) in Kutch. It was the last song and with this the film is complete.

How do you react to negative talk among people in the industry and critics about the film that it is too disturbing?
(Smiles) All I can say is that from next time, I will make sure that there are no premieres or special shows of my film. There will only be paid premieres where the ticket rates will be double. When you give something free, people are bound to criticize.

But honestly, I am really not bothered about critics and reviews, as audiences are the people who matters most. The film is getting standing ovation and going houseful in all release stations including multiplexes and single screens throughout Tamilnadu and overseas. In US, the film is a super hit and we are all happy.

They say that you did not get enough screen space though you gave three years of your career. Please comment?
I don’t believe that an actor should be there in every frame to make an impact. In Arindhum Ariyamalum, I was there for just 45 minutes and had one song. Still, people loved my performance. And in a film like Naan Kadavul, how can people see a dark character like Rudran for two hours? It is Bala’s film and I completely trusted him. He has made a wonderful film and I am proud to be part of it.

Was Bala a difficult task master?
He is every actor’s dream director. He is such a sweet guy who is so talented and has a great vision. He has no egos and we had a great time working together.

Was it difficult to get out of Rudran character after the film was over?
Not for me (Laughs) but Vishnu had a tough time to get Rudran out of me, when we started Sarwam.

What is the best complement that you received so far?
Rajini sir watched the film and called me up to congratulate. I was speechless while he was talking about my performance. Please remember that I had watched all his films till Chandramkhi in theatre along with the public and here the biggest icon of south Indian cinema calling me up was something which I can never forget. And Sify.com gave the film a superb review. I could have not asked for more.

What next?
I am starting an untitled film in Karaikudi produced by Metro Films who has made Dhaam Dhoom earlier and directed by Manikandan who was late director Jeeva’s assistant and the man who completed Dhaam Dhoom. Sarwam is ready and I am also doing Vijay’s Madrasapattinam.

Source: http://sify.com/movies/tamil/fullstory.php?id=14854701&cid=14863260


Nearly, a year after Billa’s success Director Vishnuvardhan has pitched with his next directorial ‘Sarvam’. With the talkie portions completed before a month, a song was picturized recently in Kutch situated across Indo-Pakistan Border.

As the song was shot at a barren land, there weren’t any rooms or resorts to facilitate their accommodation and the entire crew took place under huts for three days. Amidst of this schedule, both Aarya and Trisha lost their ways to shooting spots on fine day morning.

Alas! Sources revealed that it turned to be tougher as the duo had to move through the way blindly for three hours. Finally, with the resplendent aid of local tribal, they reached their destination. Well, it should’ve been an unforgettable adventure for Arya and Trisha.

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