Arya is back with a bang with Naan Kadavul. This young man with no industry connections has made deep inroads into Tamil cinema with just seven films to his credit. Girls are going knock-kneed and don’t blame them for it as this six-footer has an incredible charm that works big time with the fairer sex. Arya in conversation after the release of his most ambitious Bala directed Naan Kadavul.

You were missing at the red carpet premiere of Naan Kadavul. Was it a conscious decision to be away from limelight?
I would have loved to get all the attention, but what to do? My director Vishnuvardhan dragged me along for the song shoot of Sarwam (just kidding) in Kutch. It was the last song and with this the film is complete.

How do you react to negative talk among people in the industry and critics about the film that it is too disturbing?
(Smiles) All I can say is that from next time, I will make sure that there are no premieres or special shows of my film. There will only be paid premieres where the ticket rates will be double. When you give something free, people are bound to criticize.

But honestly, I am really not bothered about critics and reviews, as audiences are the people who matters most. The film is getting standing ovation and going houseful in all release stations including multiplexes and single screens throughout Tamilnadu and overseas. In US, the film is a super hit and we are all happy.

They say that you did not get enough screen space though you gave three years of your career. Please comment?
I don’t believe that an actor should be there in every frame to make an impact. In Arindhum Ariyamalum, I was there for just 45 minutes and had one song. Still, people loved my performance. And in a film like Naan Kadavul, how can people see a dark character like Rudran for two hours? It is Bala’s film and I completely trusted him. He has made a wonderful film and I am proud to be part of it.

Was Bala a difficult task master?
He is every actor’s dream director. He is such a sweet guy who is so talented and has a great vision. He has no egos and we had a great time working together.

Was it difficult to get out of Rudran character after the film was over?
Not for me (Laughs) but Vishnu had a tough time to get Rudran out of me, when we started Sarwam.

What is the best complement that you received so far?
Rajini sir watched the film and called me up to congratulate. I was speechless while he was talking about my performance. Please remember that I had watched all his films till Chandramkhi in theatre along with the public and here the biggest icon of south Indian cinema calling me up was something which I can never forget. And gave the film a superb review. I could have not asked for more.

What next?
I am starting an untitled film in Karaikudi produced by Metro Films who has made Dhaam Dhoom earlier and directed by Manikandan who was late director Jeeva’s assistant and the man who completed Dhaam Dhoom. Sarwam is ready and I am also doing Vijay’s Madrasapattinam.


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