If a senior citizen from 1940s sees this, he will think that he has just traveled inside a time machine that took him back to those good old days. We are now commenting about those archetypical sets erected at Mohan Studios in Saligramam for Aarya’s ‘Madaraspattinam’.

It is so evident that the team of ‘Madaraspattinam’ is taking great efforts to bring that beautiful old Madras back to life. We might have seen those old trams running even today in Kolkata, in fact these trams were also there in Chennai before independence. The team has brought one of the trams from Kolkata inside this historical set. Our today’s Koovam was once upon a time the beautiful Buckingham canal that had elegant Scotland boats sailing in them. Even this splendor is reborn inside the set of ‘Madaraspattinam’ through the art director Selvakumar.

Other than the above, sets of Chennai central railway station, Collectors’ quarters and St. George’s fort as well throw an awe of surprise.

What should we say? That beautiful Madras inside our parched Chennai!

Source: http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/tamil/article/48998.html

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