I jus now came across 1 of de interview which r jammy gave in de initial stage of his career... Even itz a old stuff i thot of sharin it wit u all.. chk it out...

Aarya is excited about the result of his first two films — `Ullam Kaetkumae,' his actual debut, and `Arindhum Ariyaamalum,' which got released first. Both are doing good business and they augur well for Aarya, software professional turned actor. "I resigned from my job because I knew I could always go back to it, or pursue Masters in the U.S., as I had earlier intended," says the young computer engineer.

Aarya has been a model from his school days. "In school and college, modelling was more for pocket money ... at that point cinema didn't cross my mind at all," he says. It was later that he began approaching filmmakers. And when he heard that director Jeeva was looking for new faces for `Ullam Kaetkumae,' he met him. Jeeva chose him from about 30 youngsters who had come for the test shoot and told him: "There are hundreds of young men more talented than you are. Still if you've got a break it is because of God. So use the chance given to you really well. The same thing I told Shaam when he did `12B.'" Aarya remembers his mentor's words.

Long wait!

However the actor had to wait nearly three years to see himself on screen. "Thankfully my parents were very supportive. The day they saw me on the big screen was a celebration," Aarya chuckles. He is the eldest of three sons. Why did he opt for a change of name? "Jamshad is not easy to pronounce. So Jeeva asked me to call myself Aarya," he explains.

That was when director Vishnuvardhan spotted him in the promos of `Ullam ... ' and offered him that excellent role in `Arindhum Ariyaamalum.' "I was completely taken in by the way Vishnu narrated the story, acting out nearly every scene vividly," laughs Aarya. The sync was perfect. Again Aarya is in awe of Prakashraj who played his dad in the film. "The way in which he instilled confidence and encouraged me is unforgettable," he says.

Aarya has just committed himself for four more projects — he joins the SG Creations-Vishnuvardhan team for their next film after `Arindhum ... ,' Igor's `Kalabha Kadhalan' opposite Renuka Menon, S. S. Stanley's untitled venture and the Radaan TV production directed by C. J. Bhaskar. Aarya's immediate release will be `Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai' with Sonia Agarwal. The film has kindled much expectation and the industry buzz is that its director Nanda Periyasamy's attempt will be a very different one. "The story is very new ... almost poetic," says an excited Aarya. "Nanda was steadfast in his choice of casting me as hero. For all that, neither he nor the producers, Chozha Creations, knew how my first two films would fare when they signed me for `Kallooriyin.' As for Sonia Agarwal, she made feel absolutely comfortable ... there was no ego at all."

Will `Kallooriyin Kadhai' be a hat trick for Aarya? "Inshallah!" the rising star raises his head upwards.

Source: http://www.hinduonnet.com/fr/2005/07/01/stories/2005070100090400.htm

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