Here’s an enchanting exclusive about the unraveling of ‘Sarvvam’ synopsis. We’ve the first exclusive storyline about this film.

The film is about a civil engineer (Aarya) and a child pedestrian (Trisha) falling in love with each other. On the parallel tracks, you’ve a psychotic football coach (JD Chakravarthy) with his Dog fast on the heels of something to be done and another track unravels a father (Malayalam Actor Indrajith) and his Son (Rohan). Once, an unknown gang chases the father and son, both Aarya and Trisha run in for help. But unfortunately, Trisha dies and that’s right before the intermission. Meanwhile, her heart is transplanted to the young lad Rohan. Now, JD has all his eyes set on bumping off Rohan and Aarya to save his sweetheart goes for the aid of this little guy. The entire second half is just revolving between Aarya and JD Chakravarthy

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