Actor Aarya and cinematographer Nirav Shah with their earnest endeavors had accomplished bringing ‘Light’ to Tamil film industry. Sounds to be quite wondering, isn’t? ‘Lightning Strikes’ was the fantabulous occasion where ‘Lightning Effects’ those were used in Hollywood has been imported to Kollywood now. Cinematographer Nirav Shah and Actor Aarya were sang appraisals for brining the fantastic technology over here.

When asked Nirav Shah whether this technology would enhance the standard of Tamil Cinema, he said, ‘Eventually not. Our filmmakers and technicians had employed such of our own way in project the Lightning effects. But it had no impact on the screens due to various constraints. This new technology will incisively add to the right transcription of getting the best visuals…’ It’s noteworthy that this ‘Lightning Technology’ was used in various top-charting Hollywood movies including ‘Green Mile’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’.
Kollywood is introducing world class techniques from all around the world for the few decades. Red one camera is one such technique Kollywood began to use from 2008.

Actor-Producer Aarya and Cinematographer Nirav Shah launches a technique that is long used in Hollywood for initiating light. They are launching the company in India today the 26th July (Sunday) at Prasath Studios, Vadapalani begins by 10.30am.

Lightning Strikes formerly called Luminous lights is striking lights in India. This technique of lightening will be used in Movies.

This Light is used to create Lightning on a large scale. This light has won a technical oscar.

This light was used in Twister, War of the worlds, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption etc. Beginning of new era in Kollywood, the lightning strikes era! Yuhooo!
Aarya could soon earn the tag of businessman in the near future. Aarya runs a restaurant and is soon to be in business with cameraman Nirav Shah.
This is to do with cinema. At present, scenes of lightning are made by opening and shutting the shutter fast with ordinary lights. For a long time this method has been used. In Hollywood, separate lights are used for the purpose, called lighting strikes.

When shot using these lights, it will look like real lightning. Light House will introduce this to Tamil cinema. The company is started by Aarya, Nirav Shah and some friends.

At a function in Chennai yesterday, Nirav Shah explained how the lighting strikes light works, how one can use it to generate just the lightning effect that one needs. Prabhu Deva, Shaam and Balu Mahendra participated in the function.